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Custom Dock and Lift Projects

The Hewitt All Terrain Staircase System is the perfect solution for areas where construction of a permanent staircase would be too difficult or costly. The system's unique design allows it to be adjusted to almost any terrain or slope. Hewitt can customize steps or platforms to any specific length. Multiple landings can be added as needed, and no permanent footings are required. There is simply no faster or easier way to add teh convenience and safety of a durable stairway to your property.

Pictured is a 30' staircase system with a landing at the top which leads to a Hewitt Roll-a-dock at the bottom.

Contact us today for a price quote on a staircase system for your shoreline!


img-6005.jpg  img-6006.jpg


In addition to being used as a dock in the water, the versatile Hewitt Roll-a-dock can be used in other aspects of lake life.

Here, sections of Roll-a-dock have been used to create a deck off of a camper. With steps leading up to the deck, it is easily accessible and offers a maintenance free alternative to wood decks.

Powder-coated aluminum decking offers a slip-resistant surface that is easy to clean, and never has to be replaced! Matching aluminum benches surround the decks perimeter to offer ample seating space.

If you are looking for a long lasting alternative to a wood deck, consider a deck made from Hewitt Roll-a-dock!

img-7730.jpg img-7734.jpg
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